Purple Noise Echo is a dark neon atmospheric tactical game. Emerge in a singular place made of hexagonal tiles. Discover the mysteries of an unexplored universe, and unveil its secrets and gameplay possibilities. This is a place of danger, but it's with your brain that you'll be able to solve the puzzles that come your way.


Purple Noise Echo was created by an independent developer, Ukioq, who also works as a freelancer in the video game industry. This is his first solo project, and a side project he's been working on for almost four years now. His approach, artistic above all, tries beyond gameplay to bring the player to a certain emotional state of mind.


  • Start from nothing and discover what you can do along the way. Explore to understand the environment, and perhaps yourself.
  • Gather and manage resources.
  • Move tiles up or down in order to create your path.
  • Enlist and control other entities and give them different skills discovered on the way.
  • The path isn't straight and simple. Find how to get through the levels.
  • Some will try to stop you and resources are limited. Think twice and use non-lethal strategies to make your way through.
  • Don't get killed or exhausted…


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multimedia designer, indie games developper & freelancer
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